Our kitten Montgomery was five days old when he came to us. He was an abandoned kitten and the only survivor in his litter. At eight days of age he began to have diarrheas that would not clear up. When it came time to wean him we started him on your Babycat recipe, which he enjoyed. He gained weight and grew, but the diarrhea continued. He was treated for parasites. We fed him Forti-flora, pumpkin, and bovine colostrum. Nothing seemed to help him.

Our veterinarian thought a hypoallergenic diet may help. The Z/D turned his stool almost clear. He rapidly lost weight and we nearly lost him. Luckily, back on the Babycat he recovered, but the diarrhea continued. We changed his food to Natural Balance Duck and Pea, which seemed to help for a while; he even produced the occasional solid stool. His anus, however, remained sore and very swollen. He still required several baths each day. We tried another food called Precise. After months of Duck and Pea he ate it with enthusiasm. While the two foods were mixed together, he improved, but as soon as he was solely on the new food, the diarrhea returned worse than ever.

We didn't know what to do. Should we put him back on the Natural Balance or try something else? I stood in the cat food aisle of the Pet Valu where I work and had a long conversation with the good friend who had initially taken Montgomery in. We decided to try him on the Royal Canin Kitten Spayed/Neutered. We began feeding it to him that night. We took the old food away and only gave him the new. The next morning he was much better. There was very little mass and he did not require a bath. Each day he has continued to improve. Today is day nine. Day nine on the new food, day nine without needing a bath. His anus was healing and the swelling continues to go down. He almost looks normal. We attribute his recovery to the very high fibre content in Kitten Spayed/Neutered. We are absolutely amazed.

Montgomery is just over seven and one half months of age now. He is looking forward to having his photograph taken with Santa Claus at the veterinarian’s office and to his first Christmas.

Yours truly,
Vicky, Abi and Montgomery