It was meant to be

Royal Canin Canada is Passionate for Pets! Scientific evidence shows the numerous benefits pets bring to our lives – to their owners and also to society as a whole. This blog post is part of a series that showcases the important role pets play in peoples’ lives by providing companionship and support, and enabling social connections.

Passionate for Pets - Daisy

Growing up, I always wanted a dog, but we could never have one – we didn’t really have enough money to take care of one. So as soon as I moved in with my boyfriend, who grew up in a family of dog lovers, we adopted a four year old Cocker Spaniel (my favourite breed) – Daisy – from the SPCA. 

Daisy had been a brood mother in a puppy mill and was very mistrustful of people. Within the first two weeks, she had nipped at a neighbourhood child, and me. I didn’t want a dog that I couldn’t trust and decided to return her to the SPCA.

But I couldn’t sleep that night. I thought about her constantly. So I went back to the SPCA the next day and got her back. Somehow, she realized she would be secure and loved in our home, that it was safe, and within a month, she had completely turned around. Daisy was relaxed and eating well, and would let us pet her. She seemed happy, and was moving her mini tail when we approached her and smiled at her.

Her expressive eyes told us we had done the right thing – and that she was thankful. She has always been very thankful; I feel it in my heart. There was still work to do, but Daisy was well on her way to being the good girl she is today – her transformation began the day I brought her back to our home and I decided to believe that she was a good dog. In a way, she felt my trust in her, and it felt mutual.

Daisy helped me through a difficult time in my life, when I was struggling with my eating disorder. 

Passionate for Pets - Daisy 2

Daisy was my constant, patient companion, always by my side when times were difficult. Her eye contact warmed my feelings, and helped me sleep when I couldn’t rest. Her presence by my side made me feel surrounded by love, and hope. I trusted and loved her, she knew this, and in return she learned to trust and love me too.

I feel like dogs speak with their eyes, and love with all their soul.

Over the past four years we have adopted two more Cocker Spaniels. Happy-go-lucky Winnie’s heart belongs to my boyfriend; she was intended for my Mother in Law, but when she fell in love with him, she joined Daisy in our home. Then came Ruby three weeks ago. Though she came from an abusive household,  we’ve seen a lot of progress in a short period of time.

Ruby has taught us a level of compassion and patience we never knew we had. In her first week, if anyone raised their voice, she would cower and try to slink away. It was like she wanted to fade away from all the pain she had been through. In her short time with us, Ruby has showed that it is possible to put sad, terrible things behind you and that you can be happy in the present moment – she is even wagging her stubby tail!

Passionate for Pets - Daisy 3

Daisy and Winnie are teaching Ruby the ropes she never had the opportunity to learn. She’s learning the acceptable boundaries for distance between mom and the dogs at the park, learning the family’s daily routine and learning how to play and have fun – which is so important for humans and dogs both. 

It’s been a very touching experience for me, helping these dogs that we’ve saved from a previous hard life. They deserve to be cuddled, not mistreated. It feels so good to play a role in giving them a better life!

I am so thankful for these dogs, and I believe Daisy has led me to this happy place in my life with her two adopted sisters. They are so happy to see me come home every day, and they appreciate all the small things in life. They’re very affectionate, and they’re like my kids. I take care of them like they are my children. Of course my boyfriend is supportive when I’m feeling upset, but it’s different with my babies, we exchange emotions in the relationship we have with each other.

Their love is pure, and my relationship with them is deep – I know I’m not going to have them forever, so I enjoy all the time I do have with them. 

Jessica is a full-time mom to her three snoring Cocker Spaniels that she loves unconditionally, and volunteers some of her spare time with the SPCA de l'Outaouais in Quebec.