What’s your positive experience of having a pet?

Royal Canin Canada is Passionate for Pets! Scientific evidence shows the numerous benefits pets bring to our lives – to their owners and also to society as a whole. This blog post is part of a series that showcases the important role pets play in peoples’ lives by providing companionship and support, and enabling social connections.

Passionate for Pets - EdieWhen confronted with this question I am overwhelmed.


Is it because the pets throughout my life, or the pets I have now mean nothing to me or have had no positive effects throughout my life?


It’s because they have meant SO much to me and have brought SO much to my life it becomes an overwhelming task to answer the question. The thought of trying to sum it up on one page or a few paragraphs seems next to impossible.

Each pet I’ve had has taught and given me something different.

  • As a shy teenager, nothing gave me greater pleasure or confidence when sitting high upon my horse. To this day I still remember the feeling of galloping my horse in an open field, looking between her ears at nothing but fields and freedom in front of me. It was very empowering for me at that time of my life.
  • Patience: Whether it be potty training a puppy; teaching a kitten that it’s not ok to climb the curtains; standing out on a cold winter days or trying to stay dry while waiting in the rain for my pug Edie to find her perfect potty spot.
  • Understanding: That not all my pets are the same. Therefore I must remember this and treat each one as an individual.
  • Calm: Having pets give me a sense of calm.
  • Confidence: Edie has given me confidence in myself, taking me out of my comfort zone attending conferences and events where I meet and talk to new people.
  • Adventure: I’ve not had so many adventures since Edie came into my life!
  • Learn: to enjoy the simple things in life; a car ride; going to the park or beach for a walk, playing in the snow, seeing the cats find that perfect sunbeam to nap in.
  • Laughter: Watching my cats, Lily and Lloyd chase sunspots on a wall; run after tin foil balls; hide under the blankets on the beds. Edie teasing me with a toy in her mouth, tempting me to take it from her, watching her run zoomies around the garden; laughing as her pug head tilts from side to side when you ask her a question or she hears a strange noise.
  • Love: I can’t talk about my pets and what they mean to me, the positive experiences that they have brought into my life without using the most powerful, positive and important word of all – Love.

Passionate for Pets - LilyPassionate for Pets - LlyodPassionate for Pets - Edie

Kelly is the human at the end of Miss Edie the Pug’s leash; it’s all about Edie and she’s ok with that. When not taking dictation from Edie for her pet blog, Kelly shares her life with her husband, two sons, and cats Lily and Lloyd.

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