Six of the many things I learned from my Bulldog

Royal Canin Canada is Passionate for Pets! Scientific evidence shows the numerous benefits pets bring to our lives – to their owners and also to society as a whole. This blog post is part of a series that showcases the important role pets play in peoples’ lives by providing companionship and support, and enabling social connections.


To my angel Reese,

11 years ago, while I was enjoying my morning coffee and reading the classifieds in the paper, I never imaged how much that exact moment would change my life forever for the better.

There it was, an ad for a beautiful female English Bulldog puppy. Within seconds, I made the call to come and visit you, and travelled three hours one way to bring you home. When we arrived, you were the runt of the litter and had been nicknamed Minnie due to your size. You were racing around the yard, playing with the children having a great time, not letting your size be any kind of a barrier to having fun.

The car ride home was a moment I will always remember, when you curled up in my neck and made your little grunting noise, a happy noise you made for 11 years to come.

You stole my heart and my fiancés heart instantly – and the hearts of our entire family. Reese, you were the first baby (and grandbaby!) in our lives, shaping our roles as parents and grandparents for the years to come.

Passionate for Pets - Reese

Since your sudden journey to heaven, I have been trying to find the right words to talk about it, and I just can't. But it was easy for me to come up with six of the many things you taught me in our 11 years together:

  1. You can get anyone to love you just by being yourself.
  2. You can make someone feel better just by sitting close and being there.
  3. Patience will pay off eventually, and when it does it will be just as good as devouring a plate of bacon.
  4. You can snub someone with your face, but your wiggling butt never hides your true excitement.
  5. There is no shame in showing the world the love we share no matter the opinions of others; if anything, we can inspire others to do the same.
  6. Always take the time to snuggle the ones you love today, for tomorrow it may not be possible.

In my heart forever; see you on the flip-side, my fur angel.

Love, Mom.

Heidi Wagler is a working mom of two humans and an English Bulldog.

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