Help Your Cat Hit the Kitty Litter

Some cats just can’t seem to hit the kitty litter.

But most cat owners simply don’t know that when cats urinate outside of their litter box – like on your couch or laundry basket – it’s not just “cattitude,” it’s a medical condition that requires medical attention, but can be managed with assistance from your veterinarian.

“At least 65% of cases of lower urinary tract disease signs have environmental and stress components,” says Dr. Liz O’Brien, Canadian Feline Specialist and co-creator of Cat Healthy. “Talking with your vet, making some small changes at home and selecting the right diet can make all the difference.”

And making your cat’s environment more appropriate for your cat isn’t tough – it can be done by changing just a few things around your home. Provide a safe place to hide, opportunities for play and natural predatory behaviour, consistent social time, and access to enough food, water, toileting areas, scratching areas and sleeping places. Visit for more information on keeping your cat healthy.

When cat owners visit their veterinarian for expert guidance and ensure that these environmental needs are met throughout their homes – it goes a long way toward reducing the occurrence of lower urinary tract disease.

In addition to stress-related issues, some less common but significant urinary problems diagnosed in cats include different types of urinary infections, bladder stones, injury to the urethra, behavioural issues and tumours.

If your cat can’t seem to hit the kitty litter, they are trying to tell you something. Visit your veterinarian and have a discussion about how to better meet your cat’s environmental needs.