What should I feed my purebred dog?

What should I feed
my purebred dog?

We all love our pets like they’re family. But just being part of the family doesn’t mean that our pets should eat what we eat. It’s easy to see that dogs have different nutritional requirements from people; did you know that different breeds have different nutritional requirements from other breeds?

Let’s explore some of those differences here:

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers like to gorge themselves, so it’s up to us as owners to make sure they don’t overeat and put on weight. We have a diet designed to help prevent this. Through a combination of satiating fibres, an adjusted nutrient profile, and specialized kibble design, we can help turn your ravenous, fast-eating pooch into a content and satisfied companion.


Yorkshire Terriers are prone to dental issues which may manifest as a fussy appetite; when they eat, they need a precise blend of nutrients in a kibble that is specially designed for their tiny jaws. The Yorkshire Terrier kibble is longitudinally extruded, which is a long way of saying we have designed the kibble to provide a special scrubbing/brushing action to help keep a yorkie’s tiny teeth clean.


Golden Retrievers have vulnerable skin that is susceptible to hot spots. Our unique PINCH complex strengthens the retriever’s skin barrier in order to maintain skin moisture and reduce the risk of skin irritations.


German Shepherds have a strong body but a fragile digestive system. The cross-shape of the German Shepherd kibble has maximum surface area to improve digestion. This diet also provides highly digestible proteins, gut-friendly fibres, and prebiotics to support healthy digestion.

Here at Royal Canin, there’s no bigger obsession than making sure your purebred dog is as healthy as he or she can be; we’ve dedicated years of research to creating tailored nutrition for purebred dogs. It’s called Breed Health Nutrition and there is a bag for each of the 17 individual purebred dogs.

We want to take the guesswork and assumptions out of feeding your dog – so we’ve made sure that all the scientific, fact-based research you’d expect from a Royal Canin product goes into every bag of our Breed Nutrition lineup. We believe what makes your breed magnificent, makes it unique – that’s why when you feed your purebred Royal Canin, you’re feeding them an optimal mix of nutrients in a custom designed kibble to maximize their health and quality of life.

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