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About Elite Shelter Program

Royal Canin Elite Shelter Program  is a source of knowledge and support for professionals.

Royal Canin is, and always has been, committed to supporting pet professionals. The foundation of our brand relies on close collaboration with pet professionals to provide the best nutritional answers for cat and dogs. Only the best can help convey the health nutrition message to new pet owners.


Royal Canin supports Shelters through:

Innovations & Differentiation

Royal Canin has always been a pioneer in nutrition for dogs and cats (Size Nutrition, Breed specific, Indoor, etc.). Year after year, thanks to our constant better understanding of dogs’ and cats’ specific needs, we develop new formulas that answer these needs more precisely. These innovations are key to help you answer every nutritional requirement of your dogs or cats.

Nutritional knowledge & educational seminars

Shelters can rely on Royal Canin to provide them with support on nutrition, parasitology, shelter hygiene and much more. Our dedicated Technical Services Veterinarian is always available for questions. Conventions, seminars, Royal Canin publications, and our website are all services that provide a source of information.

Dedicated Sales force

All Royal Canin associates share the same passion for pets and are working towards the same goal: driving the growth of the pet specialty business in Canada. Our dedicated team includes nutritionists, veterinarians, scientific communications, marketing, customer care, and sales representatives.

Dedicated Technical Services Veterinarian

Royal Canin has a dedicated veterinarian as part of our team to support our partners. This allows the Royal Canin PRO team to offer educational seminars on many topics including nutrition, parasitology and shelter management. Our veterinarian will also provide informative newsletters and other educational publications and is available to consult via the community section of our member exclusive website.

Elite Shelter Program

Royal Canin rewards and supports shelters for their recommendation. Each new dog and cat leaving a Royal Canin Shelter receives an educational starter kit.

  • Royal Canin Adoption Kit:
    Invitation to subscribe to pet first, offering valuable advice for their new companion
    • Special trial coupon offer
    • Dog or Cat Care guide
    • Cat adoption kits:
    • 1 can of Spayed/Neutered wet 12 oz trial bag of Spayed/Neutered Appetite Control or Kitten 

*The content of this kit may change without notice

  • Your loyalty and recommendation are rewarded!
    • Specific food at exclusive shelter pricing
    • Reward for your recommendation & loyalty

Contact a Royal Canin PRO representative in your area for more information.

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