Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Today For Tomorrow

ROYAL CANIN® is dedicated to the responsible use and sustainability of our ingredients. In response to projected overburdened human food supplies, we are actively investigating sustainable ingredient sources. These ingredient sources must deliver optimal nutritional benefits while minimizing impact on the environment and human food supplies. Developing new and sustainable nutrient sources is proof of Royal Canin’s commitment to tomorrow.

Sustainability in Action

Actions speak louder than words – here are just a few of the ways Royal Canin Canada is actively living up to our commitment to sustainability:

  • Application of innovative methods to divert waste from landfills, achieving zero waste-to-landfill in 2013 by recycling wherever possible and converting kibble waste into biofuel or compost
  • Implementation of Biofilter Technology* to remove potentially offensive odours from plant emissions
  • Supporting Continuous Improvement teams in identifying opportunities to further reduce waste and utilities consumption
  • Purchasing energy efficient equipment while researching alternative energy sources
  • Reviewing new projects for potential environmental impacts
  • Reducing water consumption and using an on-site water treatment facility to ensure used water meets accepted specifications before directing it back to municipal treatment facilities

People. Planet. Performance.

A commitment to responsible operation and growth...

At Royal Canin, we understand that what we do today directly impacts the world we will be living in tomorrow. We are committed to corporate responsibility and the environment through our actions and engagements. Thinking Today For Tomorrow is integrated into everything we do – that’s why our Quality and Sustainable Development Policy is organized around a 3P approach: People. Planet. Performance.


People Men and women as active players in their company...
Royal Canin invests in the resources necessary to provide safe and productive working conditions for our associates while encouraging diversity within the team. We work continuously to promote training and development opportunities for all associates, actively contributing to their personal fulfillment and positive professional development.


Planet Think global, act local...
To limit our impact on the environment Royal Canin is committed to:

  • Implementing new processes for selecting raw materials in order to ensure the sustainability of natural resources
  • Fostering the development of new, eco-friendly technologies while improving our manufacturing facilities
  • Optimizing the recyclability of our packaging
  • Sourcing supplies from within a restricted geographical area whenever possible without compromising ingredient quality


Performance Innovations towards advancement...
In order to sustain and continuously improve our performance, we rely upon the following principles:

  • Working together with our suppliers to constantly apply innovative strategies that guarantee safety and minimize environmental impact
  • Using an active consumer listening program, aimed at continuously developing our products and services
  • Regularly investing in new technologies, selecting more efficient waste-reducing supplies and equipment

* Royal Canin Canada’s manufacturing facility includes an odour treatment system – known as a Biofilter – that uses naturally occurring bacteria to destroy odoriferous compounds. The plant air is filtered before being released into the environment; using very little energy, requiring no hazardous chemicals, and producing no harmful waste products. This biofiltration technology was developed by a company that’s also based in Puslinch, Ontario, and is now being used at Royal Canin plants all around the world.

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