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How long will my pet’s food stay fresh?

Palatability of kibble remains at its best for one month after the bag is opened. To optimize palatability, choose the appropriate bag size according to the amount your pet should be eating (i.e. don’t choose a 15lb bag for a single cat).

Once opened, wet foods should be covered or placed in a sealed container, refrigerated and consumed within three days. Wet food that is left out should be discarded after two hours.

Whether you feed a wet or dry formula, please remember to wash your pet's dish daily and thoroughly rinse it with clean water since remaining food particles can attract bacteria and insects.

How should I store my pet’s food?

Dry formulas should be stored in the original bag in a cool dry place, making sure they are resealed between feedings. Our packaging is specifically designed to protect the kibbles before and after opening. Most small bags include a re-sealable zipper. If the bag does not have this feature, keep the product in the original bag, roll over the top of the bag and insert it into a dry, air-tight container with a lid.

Place wet formula in a sealed container in the refrigerator after they are opened. If your pet prefers room temperature food, try heating it to room temperature. If you use a microwave, put the food in a microwave-safe container and check the temperature before feeding – hot spots can occur leaving the edges of the meal cold and the centre very hot.

Why are Royal Canin products more expensive?

Royal Canin is committed to producing formulas of the highest quality and performance to Canadian cats and dogs. While the total cost of our nutrition may seem high relative to the price of other pet foods, when you factor in bag size variation, feeding amounts, quality and optimized digestibility, we think you will find the cost per day of our pet foods extremely reasonable.

Can I purchase food directly from the company?

Royal Canin Canada is not equipped with a direct or factory retail outlet at our plant in Guelph, Ontario.

In pet stores, we offer precise formulas tailored to the unique requirements of life stages, sizes, lifestyles and specific breeds. You can search for a pet store in your neighbourhood using our Pet Store Finder. Your store representative can order any of our Pet Store formulas if they do not have the specific product for your pet in stock.

Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive formulas are prescribed based on your pet’s individual needs and are designed to deliver optimal health, disease prevention and therapeutic treatment... Your veterinarian can order any of our Veterinary Exclusive formulas if they do not have the specific product for your pet in stock.
How much should I feed?

Royal Canin formulas have a recommended feeding amount based on age, size and/or weight of the pet. The calculations used to determine the recommended caloric intake are based on the most up-to-date recommendations by nutritional experts. For growing pets, it’s important to follow your veterinarian’s schedule of weigh-ins, particularly for large and giant breed dogs. Food intake may need to be adjusted frequently.

Use an accurate dry food measuring cup to measure kibble. When measuring food, try to be as accurate as possible – particularly for cats and small dogs, where small measuring variations can represent significant caloric intake changes. If possible, weighing the food using a food scale is a way to ensure your pet receives the most accurate feeding amount.

How do I transition my pet to new food?

Dogs and especially cats may reject a new food if it is not introduced slowly by transitioning over a period of 7 – 10 days. Also, an abrupt change in food can lead to digestive upset potentially resulting in diarrhoea and gas.

To effectively transition your pet to a new formula we suggest slowly mixing the new food in with the existing food in gradually increasing amounts.

  • Mix ¼ of the new formula with ¾ of your pet’s previous formula for 2 or 3 days
  • Mix the two formulas ½ and ½ for 2 or 3 days
  • Mix ¾ of the new formulas with ¼ of the previous formulas for 2 or 3 days
  • Follow with 100% of the new product.

If you’re pet experiences any change in eating behaviour or stool quality contact your veterinarian.

My pet is refusing to eat its food.

The palatability of Royal Canin formulas is guaranteed. If you purchase a product and your pet refuses to eat it, please return the entire uneaten portion in the original packaging to the place it was purchased. The retail outlet or veterinary clinic will reimburse you the cost, issue a credit, or replace the product with a different Royal Canin product.

Why is there colour variation?

Royal Canin does not use any artificial colourings in our formulations. There are natural variations in raw ingredients which can result in a variation in the kibble colour While slight alterations in colour may occur, we can assure you that each batch of our product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest quality and safety standards before being released to the market.

What assurances can you give me about your quality and food safety?

Our quality and food safety systems are state-of-the-art and we continually invest in new technology to ensure this remains the case. Rigorous testing is done on all incoming raw ingredients as well as on every batch of finished product in order to validate safety, nutrient composition, and quality.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Royal Canin cat and dog food cans are made of aluminum and steel, respectively, both of which are recyclable where facilities exist.

The packaging for our dry formulas is currently not recyclable. The bags are designed to maintain the nutritional profile and freshness of the product throughout its entire shelf-life. Currently a recyclable option that meets these requirements does not exist. At this time Royal Canin Canada is monitoring advancements in packaging technology with the goal to improve our impact on the environment when an acceptable option becomes available.

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