Why We're Different

Knowledge & Respect

Our fundamental ethic since 1967...

ROYAL CANIN® is loyal to its foundational ethic of Knowledge and Respect. The core of our products is rooted in the knowledge gained from the science of nutrition. Every aspect of our formulations is influenced by research – not anthropomorphism – which ensures we respect the nature of the companion cats and dogs we feed. We put the needs of pets ahead of trends in human nutrition, respecting the fact that animals’ needs are not necessarily the same as their owners’.

The specific, unique nutritional requirements of cats and dogs remain our top priority.


A precise balance of nutrients...

Our research and expertise have paved the way to health through nutrition, which is Royal Canin’s distinguishing feature. Just as science continually develops and improves, cat and dog nutrition is constantly evolving. We are dedicated to providing the most targeted nutrition possible for cats and dogs.

Abiding by the fundamental principles of nutrition, our formulas are designed based on the functionality and biological value of nutrients.

Research & Innovation

Identifying distinct solutions for the requirements of life stages, sizes, lifestyles, specific breeds, disease prevention and treatment of therapeutic conditions...

Royal Canin’s nutritional innovations are developed using complementary strategies of careful observation and research. Each formula is the result of years of study, partnerships with veterinary schools and continued input from practicing veterinarians, breeders and our customers worldwide.

Our understanding of cat and dog nutrition is also supported by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN), the world’s largest facility dedicated to fundamental pet nutrition research. In addition, we partner with the Canadian Veterinary Urolith Centre (CVUC) in Guelph, Ontario. The CVUC offers veterinary clinics urinary stone analysis and is dedicated to the ongoing research of lower urinary tract disease. The information gained from working alongside the CVUC allows Royal Canin to continuously advance our formulations.

The Team Before the Individual

A synergy of skills derived from passion...

Since its founding in 1967, Royal Canin has recruited individuals from diversified backgrounds and cultures, linked by their mutual passion for cats and dogs. The Team Before the Individual is a key value deeply rooted within our corporate culture. Management principles such as working on multidisciplinary project teams, collective intelligence, vision-sharing and collaborative decision-making are applied in our operations every day. Today, Royal Canin employs over 4,500 people worldwide with the promise of future growth.

Royal Canin Kitten Food
At Royal Canin, we obsess over every detail of nutrition, so your kitten can develop into a magnificent cat.
Royal Canin Puppy Food
At Royal Canin, we obsess over every detail of nutrition, so your puppy can develop into a magnificent dog.