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What does normal look like? Your pet’s stool quality can provide valuable information about their gastrointestinal health. Check out our fecal scoring chart and talk to your veterinarian about how nutrition can help achieve and maintain a perfect score! READ MORE

We all love our pets like they’re family. But just being part of the family doesn’t mean that our pets should eat what we eat. It’s easy to see that dogs have different nutritional requirements from people; did you know that different breeds have different nutritional requirements from other breeds? READ MORE

That’s what I told myself as I slid $200 cash into my pocket and set out on a six hour round trip from Canmore to Fort MacLeod, AB in late 2008. I was on my way to see a puppy, but I was “only going to look”. She was an Alaskan Malamute/Golden Retriever cross. I had to do some research to see exactly what kind of dog a Malamute is, and I read many sources saying they weren’t for first-time dog owners. I had a dog growing up, so I thought: “I got this”.


After a recent chat with her friend, classmate, and colleague Dr. Graham Thatcher, Kirsten wanted to share this special rescue story that demonstrates the lengths an animal lover will go to save a dog in need. Please note that although this blog post contains an image that some may find unsettling, the story does have a wonderful ending!


If your cat can’t seem to hit the kitty litter, they are trying to tell you something.