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What to include in your Testimonial:

  • Name of the product fed
  • What you liked or disliked about the product
  • If you would recommend the product
  • A photo of your pet or you and your pet

What not to include in your Testimonial:

  • Comparisons to other brands
  • Claims that your pet’s health was improved by Royal Canin products or other claims about the performance of our products (however, if you purchased Royal Canin products on the advice of your veterinarian, you can say so)
  • Prices, whether of Royal Canin products or other brands
  • Personal information such as your phone number or home address
  • A photo that contains other people who did not agree to be posted online
  • A photo that may be considered inappropriate or not suitable for a public form
  • Language not suitable for a public form
  • Spam or advertisements

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