The Growing Kitten Life Stage

0-1 Years

The growing kitten

The growth phase for kittens ends at approximately one year of age. Feeding a product specifically formulated for growth, during the entire development stage, is essential to optimal health. During growth, kittens are very sensitive and fragile while important body systems like the skeletal, digestive, neurological, and immune systems are developing. It is critical to support and protect this developmental life stage in order for your kitten to grow into a healthy adult cat. Start your kitten off on the right paw with tailored nutrition for growth!

Nutritional Needs of Growing Kittens

Kittens have very unique nutritional needs that are best met by foods specifically designed for growth. Royal Canin kitten products are balanced with optimal amounts of protein, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, to support skeletal growth and development. Since kittens are very prone to gastrointestinal upset, Royal Canin kitten foods are formulated to be highly digestible, with a number of nutrients to support digestive health. Our kitten formulations are also supplemented with ingredients such as antioxidants and omega fatty acids to ensure healthy development of the neurological and immune systems. All Royal Canin kitten products provide complete, precisely balanced nutrition for your growing kitten.

Feeding Strategies for Growing Kittens

Very young kittens require multiple feedings per day, however as they get older, meal frequency can be reduced. Our feeding guidelines provide an estimate of the quantity to feed your growing kitten. Kittens have a specific growth curve, growing most rapidly during the first six months of life, after which their caloric needs plateau. Your kitten’s weight and body condition should be evaluated by your veterinarian on a regular basis. With your kitten’s caloric needs constantly changing, your veterinarian is best suited to help adjust feeding quantities and ensure a healthy rate of growth.

Obesity is a significant problem in the pet population and puts cats at risk for serious diseases. Feeding appropriate quantities of food, divided into meals throughout the day, plays a key role in preventing obesity and its consequences. Introducing the concept of meal-feeding at a young age is ideal for the future health of your cat.

The feline species originated as a desert animal. Domestic cats generally consume very little water. Maximizing water intake in cats plays an important role in urinary tract health. Introducing canned food during the kitten life stage is highly recommended. This is when your cat is developing preferences for certain textures of food.

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